Library Of Flowers Eau de Parfum Field & Flowers 1.7oz

Library Of Flowers Eau de Parfum Field & Flowers 1.7oz

Item#: FOL_17C3
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Fields and flowers eau de parfum captures the scent of the beautiful sunny fields during summer, the green grass, nature as a whole with a twist of summer.

Product Description

Product description

Field and flowers eau de parfum leads you through a journal of delightful memories full of laughter and cheer and tonnes of fun. It nourishes your senses with the nature inspired scent.

Atop that come the help benefits. Did you know that a delightful scent has an effect on your olfactory sense that in turn transmits o the brain thereby relaxing you from stress and positively influencing your mood? Well, now you know.

Skin type

Library Of Flowers Eau de Parfum Fields and flowers is suitable for all types of skin.

Main benefits.

  1. It is made of natural organic ingredients that include apricot, honeyed blossom and wildflowers.
  2. Its amazing scent offers you a delightful perfumed bliss. It also helps lower your stress levels and positively influences moods.
  3. The delightful scent is also proven to boost personal confidence. When you smell good, you feel good about yourself and it translates to having confidence to do anything.
  4. Good scent boosts energy levels. It is proven that good smell makes you more alert, consequently leading to more productivity.
  5. Increases your appeal to those around you. People are proven to relate to others scents and their energy. Perfumes awaken sensuality.

How to use

To use Library Of Flowers Eau de Parfum , ensure your skin is cleansed and dry. Hold the fragrance 5-7 inches away from your body. Spray onto a pulse point like behind your ears and on your wrists. Let the pulse points dry without rubbing.