Eyeko Brow Grooming Kit

Eyeko Brow Grooming Kit

Item#: eyeko_brow_grooming_kit

The Eyeko Brow Grooming curated kit includes all of the eyebrow grooming essentials to shape and tidy.

Product Description

Product Description

Get serious brow goals with the Eyeko Brow Grooming Kit. Including all the eyebrow grooming essentials, this kit is housed in a reusable drawer box and comes with a carry pouch for on-the-go touch ups. The perfect kit to ensure your eyebrows are in their best shape, you can complete your routine with our Define It Brow Pencil and Brow Gel.


Brow Spoolie & Angled Brush:

This dual-ended brush is compactly designed to help you effortlessly groom, tame and precisely apply brow powders, gels and waxes with ease. The firm, angled brush creates precise definition and fine lines, while the spoolie brush helps blend product and brush eyebrows to their desired style.


Once your eyebrows have been prepped, these scissors are designed for seamless grooming. With thin, precision blades, these scissors promise ultimate control and easy handling. Before trimming your eyebrows, use the spoolie to brush hairs into place. 


After brushing eyebrows into place, pluck away those unwanted strays. Use our slanted tweezers to expertly shape your eyebrows with no fuss.

Eyebrow Blade:

Perfect for touch ups, our eyebrow blade will help you achieve expertly groomed eyebrows. Used to clear away any unwanted hair, this razor glides effortlessly across the skin with exact precision to give a super clean, HD effect.

Travel Pouch:

A sleek black pouch perfectly sized for carrying your grooming tools whilst travelling.

How To Use:

Spoolie/Brush: Use the spoolie to comb through brows and brush hairs in the desired direction. Lightly add product to angled brush and apply with hair-like strokes.

Scissors: Neaten up longer brow hairs by trimming with the scissors, using the brow shape as guide to match length.

Tweezers: Pluck away any unwanted strays by holding tweezers as close to skin as possible taking a firm grip of brow hair and pull out in the direction of the hair growth.

Blade: Holding the brow blade horizontally and the skin taut, apply light pressure and gently shave away unwanted hairs and peach fuzz.