Eraclea Acne Prone Skin - Basic Skin Care Set

Eraclea Acne Prone Skin - Basic Skin Care Set

Item#: eraclea_acne_skin_care_set

Eraclea Acne Prone Skin - Basic Skin Care Set is perfect for those dealing with acne to cleanse and revive skin.

Product Description

Product Description

Our unique combination of acne products is scientifically designed to dry up acne, not your skin. Applying these products together targets superficial blemishes and clogged pores, while hydrating the skin and treating inflammation. This approach produces optimal, quick and continued results.

Kit Includes:

  • purifying gel cleanser for dry skin
  • daily bamboo exfoliant
  • acne clearing treatment
  • acne defense day/night lotion

How to Use

purifying gel cleanser: Use morning and evening. Apply a small amount into the palm of clean, dampened hand. Gently massage onto dry facial skin. Pay particular attention to problematic areas such as the T-zone. Rinse well with warm water.

daily bamboo exfoliant: Once a day or 2-3 times a week, massage a quarter size amount of product over wet or dry face after cleansing with eraclea cleanser. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not use one eyelids.

acne clearing treatment: After cleansing, apply morning and evening affected area. For optimal results, follow with eraclea® acne defense day/night lotion.

acne defense day/night lotion: After cleansing, apply morning and evening. For optimal results, use after eraclea® acne clearing treatment.