Epicuren's Classic 6-Step Enzyme Treatment System

Epicuren Classic 6-Step Enzyme Treatment System

Item#: EPI-K100-2

- Six Step Kit Includes: Apricot Facial Cleanser, Apricot Facial Scrub, Enzyme Conditioner, Enzyme Concentrate, Enzyme Gel Plus, and Facial Emusion Moisturizer.
- Travel Friendly 2oz sized products.
- Epicuren’s Classic 6-Step System is designed to last approximately 3 months.

Product Description

Purchase Epicuren's Classic 6-Step Enzyme Treatment System!

Product Overview

The popular Epicuren Classic Six-Step Enzyme Treatment System comes with six mid-sized Epicuren products that all feature Epicuren's proprietary Metadermabolic Enzyme, a powerful blend of proteins and B vitamins that work together to improve the appearance of skin elasticity, color tone and overall skin health. This kit includes a 2- or 2.5-ounce bottle of the following products by Epicuren: Apricot Facial Cleanser, Apricot Facial Scrub, Enzyme Conditioner, Enzyme Concentrate, Enzyme Gel Plus and Facial Emulsion. Your order also includes a travel-friendly carrying case.

Step 1- Apricot Cream Cleanser AM & P

Step 2- Apricot Facial Scrub PM 2-3 times a week

Step 3- Skin conditioner Enzyme Toner AM & PM

Step 4- Enzyme Concentrate should be used twice a week for the first week, week 2 boost up to three times a week then use 5-7 days a week AM&PM

Step 5- Gel Plus Enzyme Protein Gel AM&PM

Step 6- Facial Emulsion Enzyme Moisturizer and follow with Epicuren Moisture Surge Hyaluronic Acid.

This Kit Includes

  • Apricot Facial Cleanser
  • Apricot Facial Scrub
  • Enzyme Conditioner
  • Enzyme Concentrate
  • Enzyme Gel Plus
  • Facial Emulsion (a light-daytime moisturizer)

Epicuren Awareness

Metadermabolic Enzymes stimulate and increase cellular activity to improve the health of each skin cell. After utilizing such products for a short time, the skin may feel tighter and a bit dry. This drying effect is an indication that the enzymes are working. It is important to use more moisturizers during this transition. In a couple of weeks the skin will balance out and glow.

About Epicuren Discovery

There is no denying that Epicuren Discovery is one of the hottest skincare products on today’s market! This fabulous skincare brand prides itself on its constant evolution; evolving with time to deliver you only the best products. Epicuren products use only the most luxurious, natural ingredients available; to deliver you a product that combines technology and nature in perfect harmony! Epicuren is sure to have something for everyone, offering products for a variety of skin types and issues.

*Kit comes as shown above. No product substitutions.