Epicuren Herbal Spice Body Scrub

Epicuren Herbal Spice Body Scrub

Item#: EPI-1265

- All-natural therapeutic aromatherapy extra fine scrub.
- Aims to exfoliate and moisturize your complexion.
- Recommended for all skin types.

Product Description

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Epicuren Herbal Spice Body Scrub features a pure but potent formula enriched with natural hydrators and exfoliators that leave the skin feeling soft and supple. This all-over scrub offers an aromatic experience with its indulgent formula packed with spicy additives like sweet almond oil, nutmeg extract, coconut oil and shea butter. Soothing ingredients like Vitamin E-acetate and coconut oil encourage the skin on your body to heal quickly and ward off infections and blemishes. Skincare By Alana recommends this Epicuren scrub for people with all skin types.

Epicuren Herbal Spice Body Scrub Directions For Use

Spread product evenly on all areas, then in a circular motion gently exfoliate. Treatment time must be controlled carefully to avoid irritation.