Epicuren Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Polish 6.7oz

Epicuren Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Polish 6.7oz / 198ml

Item#: epicuren_cinnamon_vanilla_brown_body_polish

Epicuren Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Polish guarantees to have your skin, soft, moist and healthy with its continued use.

Product Description

Product Description

Your skin deserves to have that moist, smooth and shiny look that it deserves. To achieve this, you need a body polish that will cater for all of your exact skin needs. Introducing the new Epicuren Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Body Polish 6.7oz. This polish ensures that it treats all of your body skin’s senses. The product is made from the natural ingredients of sugar and honey that ensure it provides some unique qualities to your skin that work to exfoliate your skin and get rid of all the impurities. This skin polish also guarantees to protect and preserve your skin. Enriched with cinnamon and vanilla, two natural ingredients that work to serve as natural fragrances, as opposed to other body polishes that contain artificial fragrances that may be harmful to your body. The polish also serves to get rid of any build up, dirt and any dead cell on the skin. The product will also keep your skin hydrated and with a gorgeous and unusual good scent. It is also designed to ensure a friendly and gentle touch to your skin hence ensuring no irritation occurs.

Who to use

This product can be used by all even those with the most sensitive types of skin.

Major Benefits:

• Protects and preserves your skin.
• Gets rid of all impurities on your skin, such as any leftover makeup, build up, dirt and any cells on the skin.
• Friendly to your skin ensuring zero irritation with your skin.
• Keeps your skin healthy through the use of the natural ingredients.
• Has natural fragrances that give your body skin a fantastic aroma.
• Epicuren Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Body Polish 6.7oz gives your skin a soft and shiny touch and appearance.

How to use

Wash your skin with clean and relatively warm water. Dry it with a soft and dry towel. Apply the polish with your fingers and massage it in a hard way to ensure it penetrates your skin for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.