Eminence Organics Rosehip Whip Moisturizer
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Eminence Organics Rosehip Whip Moisturizer

Item#: EM217_6136_6219

Eminence Organics Rosehip Whip Moisturizer has skin protecting antioxidants that are strengthened by Biocomplex, increasing their power to protect skin by fighting free radicals.

Samples come in packs of 6. Packs of samples are free, but there is a $4 processing fee per sample.

Product Description

Product Description

Skin tone is balanced and loses its ruddy complexion as vitamins and other supportive nutrients repair and invigorate problem skin with enhancement from Eminence's Biocomplex, speeding up skin restoration, reducing inflammation, and encouraging skin health. Tired, dull skin is transformed into radiant skin with a youthful complexion as fines lines and wrinkles fade away. The moisturizer destroys active acne and prevents future breakouts. Skin is normalized with an even skin tone and a clear complexion.

Eminence Organics Rosehip Whip Moisturizer Sample size is excellent for traveling or giving the moisturizer a quick try out. This moisturizer drives moisture deep into the skin's cellular matrix and locks it in. As skin becomes hydrated, it plumps and begins to look and feel healthier.

Recommended Skin Types

Eminence Organics Rosehip Whip Moisturizer is formulated for use with problematic skin that is sensitive, acne or rosacea prone skin.

Main Benefits

  • Gentle formula for sensitive, acne and rosacea prone skin
  • Delivers moisture deep inside the dermal layers
  • Vitamins permeate the skin, supporting skin health
  • Reduces inflammation and ruddy complexions
  • Biocomplex enhances the action of antioxidants and other nutrients
  • Rejuvenates tired, dull skin
  • Reduces acne and balances skin tone
  • Soothes and smooths irritated, inflamed skin
  • Normalizes skin oils and balances moisture

How to Use

Eminence Organics Rosehip Whip Moisturizer should be applied after bathing with the Eminence Organics cleanser that matches your needs. For a lighter treatment, obtain a small amount of moisturizer with your fingertips, place it in the palm and add a few drops of water. Work the moisturizer to the desired consistency. Apply by dabbing moisturizer onto your cheeks, forehead, chin and neck, then smooth with your fingertips until well absorbed using smooth, upward movements. Be careful around the eyes and don't pull the skin. Use morning and evening. For more intensive treatments, use full strength and apply just before bed.