Eminence Organics Mimosa Body Lotion 8.4oz / 248ml
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Eminence Organics Mimosa Body Lotion 8.4oz / 248ml

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Eminence Organics Mimosa Body Lotion rejuvenates the appearance of your skin while giving you a softer and younger feel.

Product Description

Product Description

Eminence Organics Mimosa Body Lotion is a magnificent body treatment moisturizer designed to bring out the best in your skin complexion.  The powerful cocktail of natural ingredients in Eminence Mimosa Body Lotion works synergistically to exploit your dermatologic benefits.

What the ingredients do for you

  • Tokay grapes- Adds to the antioxidants and bring in polyphenols that tone and restore your skin’s youthful shine. 
  • Champagne grape- Induce the skin with antioxidants to guard it against free environmental harm and free radicals while at the same time keeping the skin rehydrated.
  • Orange essential oils- They are designed to sooth your skin and hydrate further while the avocado oil moisturizes your skin and provide vitamins for nourishment.

The lotion is perfect for people who need something that can purify tone and provide skin moisture.  It help is reducing unbalanced skin tones while lifting away dark spots. The aroma of Mimosa Body Lotion penetrates your senses making you feel stimulated and revitalized. Additionally, it infuses your skin with nourishment.

How to Apply

Purify and exfoliate your skin then administer a considerable amount of Eminence Organics Mimosa Body Lotion.  Massage it in and leave on to start enjoying the benefits. If you so wish, you can dilute it with water for better results.

Usage-You should also use it morning and evening to get maximum effects.

Color- NA

Skin Type-Normal to dry skin types and it is suitable for all occasion.

Packaging- The lotion comes in a pack of 250ml

By investing in this magical rejuvenating and hydrating lotion, you are sure to quench your skin’s thirst. The ingredients have been blended perfectly with both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic components. All the ingredients are combined to give your body that royal and rejuvenating feel.