Dermaquest GlycoBrite Hand and Body 6oz / 177ml

Dermaquest GlycoBrite Hand and Body 6oz / 177ml

Item#: dermaquest_glycobrite_hand_body

Dermaquest GlycoBrite Hand and Body is an extremely hydrating and exfoliating lotion to bring brightness back to your skin.

Product Description

Product Description

Dermaquest GlycoBrite Hand and Body helps treat dine lines, wrinkles, low grade acne and photo-damaged skin. Extremely exfoliating with 10% Glycolic acid promotes healthy cell renewal, brightens skin discoloartion but is exteramely hydrating for parched skin.

Key Ingredients

Shiitake Mushroom - A natural Hydroquinone substance Treats Hyper-pigmentation Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Increases hydration levels

Madonna Lily Plant Stem Cell - Inhibits melanin transfer Brightens and evens skin tone Promotes epidermal regeneration Helps to absorb UV rays similarly to a chemical sunscreen

Melanostatine-5 - Slows activity of MSH Prevents and brightens hyper-pigmentation Inhibits melanogenesis without cytotoxicity

DermaPep - Multi-functional whitening active Antagonistic brightening peptide Inhibits melanogenesis pathway

Emblica - Free radical scavenger A chelator of iron and copper which promotes skin brightness Inhibits matrix metalloproteinase thereby, protecting collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

Synovea HR - Four times more efective than hydroquinone as a skin brightener Helps to protect DNA from UV damage Involved in anti-glycation Inhibits multiple sites in the melanogenesis pathway

Chromabright - Skin brightener A newer, highly stable tyrosinase inhibitor that digests dopaquinone Protects the skin against further sun damage

Kojic Acid - Acts as a powerful antioxidant An efective tyrosinase inhibitor that evens skin tone Acts as an anti-inflammatory

Bakuchiol - Retinol-like function with-out irritating side efects Broad spectrum anti-aging and skin protection benefits Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties Modulates all four major acne targets and increases skin rejuvenation