Contours Rx B5 Eyelid Prep Pads

Contours Rx B5 Eyelid Prep Pads

Item#: contours_rx_b5_eyelid_prep_pads

Contours Rx B5 Eyelid Prep Pads have a gentle exfoliating texture to capture dirt, oil, and dead skin in its fabric.

Product Description

Product Description

Introducing Contours Rx B5 Eyelid Prep Pads, a dermatologist-endorsed solution for effective exfoliation and skin revitalization. These single-use pads, enriched with restorative Vitamin B5, serve as an essential component in your daily skincare routine.

Crafted to meticulously cleanse and eliminate dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells from both your eyelids and face, these pads offer unparalleled preparation for the application of Lids by Design eye lift strips.

Harnessing a no-rinse formula, these prep pads not only gently exfoliate lifeless skin cells but also stimulate the turnover of fresh, rejuvenated skin. The result? A visibly cleaner, more luminous, and healthier complexion.

Designed to be gentle yet effective, these pads are suitable for daily use and are compatible with all skin types. Elevate your skincare regimen with Contours Rx B5 Eyelid Prep Pads and embrace the path to a radiant, revitalized visage.


  • Gently exfoliates and cleans
  • Removes dirt, oils, and dead skin cells
  • Restorative vitamin B5
  • Oil-free moisturizing elements
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Coconut-derived cleaning agent
  • Prepares the skin for LIDS BY DESIGN

How To Use

Wash your hands and face before you use it. Remove the pre-moistened exfoliating pad and gently swipe across your eyelids to remove excess dirt, oils, and dead skin cells. Continue around the eye area and the entire face, including the nose and lips, for a full-face exfoliation.