Clinical Care Caffeine Blast Eye Gel 0.5oz

Clinical Care Caffeine Blast Eye Gel 0.5oz

Item#: clinical_care_caffeine_blast_eye_gel
Clinical Care Caffeine Blast Eye Gel de-puffs, diminishes dark circles, stimulates circulation and exfoliates!

Product Description

Product Description:

Give your tired eyes the Blast they need with Caffeine Blast. the gel that tingles and tightens!

The combined ingredients of caffeine for de-puffing, antioxidants for diminishing dark circles, menthol and lactic for cooling, stimulate circulation and exfoliating. Guaranteed to see results with this miracle eye gel! FEEL the TINGLE!

How To Use:

One pump is all you need, use often to really blast those bags away and tighten those tired eyes!

Key Ingredients:

Caffeine, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Menthyl Lactate.