Clayton Shagal Prothy Extract Concentré 1oz / 30ml

Clayton Shagal Prothy Extract Concentré 1oz / 30ml

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This super concentrated liquid is a natural booster that delivers immediate, intense hydration to your skin. It contains a powerful anti-wrinkle agent that stimulates and rejuvenates your skins cells, making them healthy and like new again.

Product Description

Product Desciption:

Skincare by Alana is now offering this all new product: Clayton Shagal Prothy Extract Concentré in a 1 oz. bottle. The proteoglycans, cytokines, and hyaluronic acid this Prothy Extract contain can also be used as a sort of shock treatment to your skin that will intensely moisturize your skin, as well as accentuate and boost the natural firmness of your skin.


  • The proteoglycans in this product also stimulate your skin, making it brighter, healthier, and adds an alluring quality from deep within the pores.  The cell rejuvenation this extract provides comes from the recalibrating cellular function of the elastin and collagen fibrils. The elastin and collagen fibrils work together in harmony to keep your skin naturally bright, firm, and youthful. If you struggle with deeply wrinkled areas on your skin, such as beneath your eyes, or under your chin, this product can be especially beneficial to you.
  • The active ingredients within this extract will firm your skin while providing maximum hydration to keep those overly wrinkled areas from getting dehydrated. Clayton Shagal Prothy Extract Concentré also reinforces the natural lipidic barriers that protect against the loss of moisturization in your skin, and stimulates the exchange of nutrients and oxygen at the cellular level. This provides age fighting cell regeneration with improved protection and water retention. Use this product to firm and smooth hard to treat areas such as all eye contours, on your neck, and around your mouth. For a deeper treatment to your skin, add the Colhy and Elasthy products. This extract is formulated to enhance the strengthening effects of both the Colhy and the Elasthy products.