Clayton Shagal Milk Cleanser 6.7oz

Clayton Shagal Milk Cleanser 6.7oz / 198ml

Item#: CS_001

This creamy, nutrient-rich cleanser removes damaging elements from the surface of the skin while hydrating for a silky smooth feeling and a healthy complexion. Triple acting - Clayton Shagal Milk Cleanser cleanses, tones, and works as a makeup remover.

Product Description

Product Description

Clayton Shagal Milk Cleanser is a triple action cleanser, toner, and makeup remover in one.  This gentle cleanser thoroughly removes dirt, debris, oil, and bacteria from the surface of the skin, eliminating elements that harm the skin, cause blemishes, and lead to premature aging.  At the same time, Milk Cleanser is able to remove even waterproof makeup and mascara with ease.  Potent active ingredients also work to tone the skin, resurfacing rough skin and toning the skin for a blemish-free, bright, and even complexion.

Clayton Shagal Milk Cleanser is designed for normal to dry skin types, ensuring maximum hydration of even dehydrated while soothing, and calming dry skin for a comfortable, soothing sensation.  After application, this creamy, smooth cleanser will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Recommended Skin Types

Milk Cleanser from Clayton Shagal works well on all skin types.  It is particularly formulated to hydrate and cleanse normal to dry skin.


  • Removes damaging factors from the skin’s surface
  • Tones skin while cleansing
  • Removes all kinds of makeup
  • Hydrates skin while cleansing
  • Tones skin for an even, glowing complexion
  • Prevents blemishes by killing bacteria
  • Promotes balance in the skin for long-lasting health

How to Apply

We the face and hands.  Then use 1-2 pumps of Milk Cleanser, massaging it into the makeup and skin for 1-2 minutes.  Rinse with cool water, and pat dry.  Use twice daily, in the morning and at night.  Repeat use throughout the day as needed.

  • If removing waterproof makeup, repeat applications may be necessary.  Or you can apply the Milk Cleanser to a cotton pad and wipe onto difficult to remove makeup.


  • Glycol Stearate, glycerine - moisturizers
  • Triethanolamin - neutralizes skin damagers
  • Cethyl Alcohol - consistency
  • Lanolin - moisturizer
  • Aloe - regenerates tired, dull skin; soothes damaged skin
  • Vitamin E - antioxidant protection
  • Water - hydrator