Cellex-C Betaplex Line Smoother

Cellex-C Betaplex Line Smoother 1oz / 30ml

Item#: CC-B6061_338_524

Cellex-C Betaplex Line Smoother is a targeted anti-aging treatment that encourages skin cell renewal, infuses the skin with moisture, and penetrates the skin with anti-aging ingredients to provide a less wrinkled, smoother, softer, and more youthful complexion in just 3-5 weeks.

Product Description

Product Description

Cellex-C Betaplex Line Smoother revitalizes tired, wrinkled skin, providing a smoother, more refined, radiant, and youthful complexion.  The gentle, oil-free formula uses alpha and hydroxy acids to slough away dead skin cells while infusing the skin with a rejuvenating dose of moisture using hyaluronic acid.  Meanwhile, active ingredients activate skin cells for improved renewal rates and metabolism, providing amazing anti-aging benefits.

Recommended Skin Types

Cellex-C Betaplex Line Smoother is a powerful anti-aging treatment recommended for aging skin of all types and conditions except sensitive skin.  The universal formula is appropriate for use by both men and women.


  • Provides a dramatic reduction in the size and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Revitalizes tired skin for a more radiant look
  • Reduces rough, thick, and leather patches of skin while providing for a smoother, softer skin surface
  • Sloughs away dead skin cells and other impurities for a smoother, fresher complexion with a healthy glow
  • Firms and tightens loose skin to accentuate facial ton tours and provide a younger appearance
  • Produces visible anti-aging results after just 3-5 weeks of regular use

How to Apply

After cleansing and toning the skin with your prescribed Cellex-C skin care regimen, gently smooth a few drops of Cellex-C Betaplex Line Smoother to the surface of the face, neck, and chest using your fingertips in a light, upward motion.  Avoid contact with the eye area.  Follow up with a Cellex-C moisturizer.

* For best results, apply Cellex-C Betaplex Line Smoother once daily as part of your skin care routine

Key Ingredients

  • Alpha and beta hydroxy acids - loosen epidermal junctions to remove dead, dull skin cells and provide a for a smoother, healthier, and refresed complexion
  • Sodium hyaluronate - hyaluronic acid showers all layers of the skin with rich moisture, binding skin cells to water for lasting hydration while providing for a smoother, more plump, vibrant, and youthful complexion 


Water (aqua), lactic acid, glycolic acid, malic acid, sodium hyaluronate, willow bark (salix alba) extract, phenoxyethanol