Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum

Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum 1oz / 30ml

Item#: CC-A1001_333_519

A favorite of actress Julia Roberts, Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum is anti-aging, antioxidant party that helps your skin look up to 10 years younger.

Product Description

Product Description

An innovative and advanced serum available only through dermatologists, physicians, and skin care professionals, Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum is rich in vitamin C to stimulate collagen production, brighten the skin, and provide antioxidant protection.  At the same time, the formula includes a powerful blend of other antioxidants to provide further protection and benefits.  

Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum is beneficial for all skin types and conditions, helping your skin feel healthier while looking up to 10 years younger.  

Recommended Skin Types

Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum is recommended for all skin types, tones, and conditions.  The anti-aging serum is universally applicable and will not irritate even sensitive skin types.  


  • Rich in L-ascorbic acid along with other protective antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical and environmental damage
  • Fortifies the skin against environmental factors that cause aging
  • Provides dramatic and visible anti-aging results, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging skin
  • Gives you skin that looks 5 to 10 years younger
  • Improves the resilience of the skin and improves skin elasticity for a firmer complexion with less visible fine lines and wrinkles
  • Refines the texture of the skin, providing a firmer loo, better tone, and increased vibrance
  • Gentle formula is well-tolerated by almost all skin types, tones, and conditions

How to Apply

After cleansing and toning the skin according to your Cellex-C treatment regimen, apply thin layer of Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum to the entire surface of the face.  Then apply Hydra 5 B-Complexion, and a moisturizer.  

  • Apply Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum no more frequently than once per day as directed by your skin care professional.
  • Discontinue use if this produce causes irritation.  
  • Avoid contact with the eye area, the hairline, and eyebrows.


Water (aqua), ascorbic acid, acetyl tyrosine, zinc sulphate, glycine, resveratrol, grape seed extract, L-ergothioneine, sodium hyaluronate, green tea extract