Bioelements Travel Light Kits

Bioelements Travel Light Kits

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Bioelements Travel Light Kits: Your perfect travel companions for flawless skin on the go. Choose from three skin-specific options and enjoy effortless skincare during your weekend getaways.

Product Description

Product Description:

Indulge in the convenience of Bioelements Travel Light Kits, your passport to flawless skincare on the go. These meticulously crafted kits offer three distinct options tailored to your skin's unique needs – whether it's combination, dry, or oily skin.

Each Bioelements Travel Light kit boasts ample, skin type-specific sizes of essential products, ensuring you're well-equipped for your extended weekend adventures and beyond.


  • Your Effortless Getaway Companion: Simplify your travel routine with these thoughtfully curated kits, designed to make your skincare effortless, even while you're on the move.
  • Flight-Friendly Sizes: Bid farewell to travel woes as these compact sizes meet airline regulations, allowing you to carry your skincare essentials hassle-free.
  • Your Gateway to Full-Size Luxury: These kits serve as a perfect introduction to Bioelements' full-size skincare regimen, enabling you to experience the brand's excellence wherever your journey takes you.

Kit Includes:

  • Combination Skin: Decongestant Cleanser 1oz / 30mlEqualizer 1oz / 30mlAbsolute Moisture 0.25oz / 7ml, Pumice Peel 0.25oz / 7ml, Oil Control Sleepwear 0.25oz / 7ml,
  • Dry Skin: Moisture Positive Cleanser 1oz / 30ml, Power Peptide 1oz / 30ml, Crucial Moisture 0.25oz / 7ml, Measured Micrograins 0.25oz / 7ml, Sleepwear 0.25oz / 7ml.
  • Oily Skin: Decongestant Cleanser 1oz / 30ml, Equalizer 1oz / 30ml, Beyond Hydration 0.25oz / 7ml, Quick Refiner 0.25oz / 7ml, Oil Control Sleepwear 0.25oz / 7ml

How To Use:

See individual kits+ products.


See individual kits+ products.