Bioelements Sensitive Eye Smoother .5oz

Bioelements Sensitive Eye Smoother .5oz

Item#: bioelements_sensitive_eye_smoother

Get your glow on, embrace a youthful appearance and mimic the look of a full night of sleep with the Bioelements Sensitive Eye Smoother.

Product Description

Product Description

This Bioelements product will help to brighten and smooth the areas underneath your eyes, gently providing you the special care you deserve. With its beautifying properties, thanks to the presence of ultra-hydrating aloe vera and puffiness-fighting rhodiola root, you’ll have people questioning your age.

So, after your next restless night of sleep, or anytime really,  apply the cream around the eye area and watch how it delivers gentle brightening and de-puffing.

Are Bioelements products vegan? 

Yes! Bioelements skin care products are happily vegan and cruelty-free. The aim is for them to deliver the very best for your skin, and leave the results both guilt-and-worry-free. 

Are Bioelements products good?

Bioelements surpasses good, as a brand, it provides top notch ingredients in every product. Browse our bioelements reviews and view how other customers rave about how bioelements is a crucial and absolute moisturizer for their skin. Satisfaction guaranteed. After all, we don’t want you to lose any sleep over your purchase, that would defeat its purpose. 

How to Use

Apply around the eye area morning or night after cleansing the face.