AnteAge Accelerator 1oz

AnteAge Accelerator 1oz

Item#: AA001-AC

AnteAge Accelerator helps redefine your looks in a snap!

Product Description

Product Description

With spring break right almost here, this is the time we go out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. But, is your skin spring break ready? Is your skin healthy and radiant or are you looking for that one skin miracle that will eliminate uneven skin tone and the new wrinkles on your forehead?

The AnteAge Accelerator is exactly what you need this spring. As the name suggests, your face is going to get accelerated skin rejuvenation results in time for you to enjoy spring break.

What makes AnteAge Accelerator so unique is the fact that it is derived from Mesenchymal stem cells – home for your body’s beautifying chemicals known as cytokines. These are synthesized in the lab by Cellese scientists who get the stem cells from healthy human adults and nurture them in the lab for them to produce a large number of cytokines.

Recommended skin type:

Anyone suffering from aging skin or skin that’s been damaged by the elements should give this potent formula an honest try. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Main benefits:

  • Glowing and supple skin

AnteAge Accelerator rejuvenates your skin from deep within feeding it with the right nutrients to restore your healthy youthful skin.

  • Firmer skin

No woman wants to have loose, sagging skin. Start applying this accelerator on a daily basis for perfectly firm and healthy looking skin.

  • A fair complexion

Dry patchy skin and an uneven skin will be a thing of the past with this accelerator.

How to use:

AnteAge Accelerator goes hand in hand with the serum. Applying both on your face on a daily basis will heal and repair your skin faster than you’d expect. Also, use your preferred skin moisturizer and sunscreen to protect your skin and maintain its new youthful look.