Alana Mitchell Pumpkin Souffle Soy Candle

Alana Mitchell Pumpkin Souffle Soy Candle 9oz / 266ml

Item#: alana_mitchell_pumpkin_souffle_soy_candle


  • Delicious pumpkin souffle scent

  • Essential oil infused soy candle

  • 45-60 hours of use

Product Description

Wonderful addition to your at-home pamper routine or gift it to someone special! This candle is made in a double old fashioned whiskey glass which can be reused once you are all done burning it.

Fragrance notes: Warm pumpkin, with a spicy blend of cinnamon, crushed clove and hints of nutmeg and orange peel. Topped off with butter and brown sugar on a rich vanilla base.


  • Comforting scent perfect for this season
  • Made from soybeans grown in the USA
  • Essential oil infused
  • Dye free and phthalate free
  • Large 9oz size


Make sure the wick is trimmed to the correct length (about 1/8 in), then light your candle. With a properly maintained wick, your candle should last between 45-60 hours.

Pro tip: once your candle is finished, simply wash out the old fashioned whiskey glass with soap and water, then use. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!