Alana Mitchell High Frequency Wand Device

Alana Mitchell High Frequency Wand Device

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Easy, noninvasive beauty device perfect for all skin types. Use at home to fight breakouts or signs of aging.

Product Description

The low-level electrical current moves through the glass tube, while on the skin, it oxygenates, increases circulation, reduces inflammation, and reduces bacteria-causing breakouts on the skin.

Specialized noble gasses harnessed in glass tubes to be your new favorite acne-fighting or anti-aging tool! Orange-red neon gas is for anti-aging, sterilization, and wound healing benefits. Blue-violet argon gas is the perfect treatment for acne, discoloration, and pore size.


  • Oxygenates, increases circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces breakouts


1. Remove any metal jewelry before your high-frequency treatment.
2. Cleanse and dry skin, do not apply any product to the skin.
3. Insert the glass tube firmly, but gently into the handpiece.
4. Turn on the device using the dial at the bottom of the handpiece, DO NOT use the device at full power.
5. Touch the glass electrode with your hand, feel, and adjust the appropriate frequency strength to your comfort.
6. Once the desired intensity is achieved, gently glide the glass tube across the skin in smooth, fluid motions for no more than two minutes over the entire face. You may leave the glass tube on the skin in one location for four seconds but no longer than 10 seconds.
7. When the desired areas have been treated, turn the power off.
8. Turn the power off before gently removing the glass tube.

*Recommended use is 2-3 times per week or as needed.


Spark Method: Repeat steps one through three; however, find a spot or area that needs treatment such as a blemish, and slightly lift off the skin a quarter of an inch. This will create a spark. The spark method is recommended 1-2 times per spot or blemish.



After you have disconnected the glass tube from the handpiece, please use a small amount of rubbing alcohol applied to a cotton ball or cloth to wipe down the glass tube.

Do not use the rubbing alcohol on the silver end of the glass tube; only wipe down the portion that your face or fingers have touched.

Place handpiece and glass tubes in original packaging or in any protective packaging.