Alana Mitchell Anti Aging Protective Copper Face Mask

Alana Mitchell Anti Aging & Anti Maskne Protective Copper Face Mask

Item#: alana_mitchell_antiaging_protective_copper_face_mask

  • Copper-infused, anti-aging technology

  • Luxurious and comfortable fit

  • Double layer protection

  • Helps prevent face mask acne

Product Description

The Alana Mitchell Anti-Aging Copper Face Mask offers a layer of anti-aging copper technology and is luxuriously comfortable for all-day wear. This reusable face mask offers dual-layer protection from the elements and is an added dose of powerful antioxidant anti-aging protection.


  • Inner copper uses antibaterial copper fiber cloth to kill bacteria and viruses
  • Outer breathable polyester layer effectively prevents large particles of dust
  • Adjustable ear loops


*Cannot be returned once opened

Put on your face mask (white side goes on the outside, gray side touches your face) and adjust the ear loops to your perfect fit. 

Wash your mask when it becomes dirty or on a daily basis. The potent anti-aging technology remains in the mask for over 100 washes. Machine wash cold/tumble dry low with safe, non-irritating detergent. Store in a cool dry place when not in use.



1-layer material: 95% polyester + 5% Lycra

2-layer material: 92.5% regenerated cellulose fiber + 7.5% spandex