Alana Mitchell AM Skincare Routine Kit

Alana Mitchell AM Skincare Routine Kit

Item#: alana_mitchell_am_skincare_routine_kit

Alana Mitchell AM Skincare Routine Kit includes everything you need to get that daily glow!

Product Description

Start your day the right way. This kit offers everything from Alana Mitchell that you need to achieve an all day healthy glow!


Alana Mitchell OC Cream Cleanser 8oz / 237ml:

The Alana Mitchell Daily OC Cream Cleanser is a great first cleanser or standalone cleanser to gently remove dirt, oil and makeup. Nourishing and moisturizing coconut oil and plant extracts soothe and restore the skin. Made for dry, combination, and sensitive skin, the formula is non-irritating, gentle, and has a light citrus scent.

How To Use:

Use the Daily OC Cream Cleanser morning or night to gently cleanse away dirt, oil, and makeup. Apply a nickel size amount to your face and rinse.


Alana Mitchell Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum 2oz / 60ml:

Designed with dry, combo, and sensitive skin in mind, this ultra-hydrating serum harnesses the power of Hyaluronic Acid to bind moisture to the skin. It works to plump fine lines and wrinkles by promoting 10x hydration, and is proudly artificial fragrance and paraben free! This product is ideal for use before your moisturizer and/or makeup application to hydrate and plump dehydrated facial lines. It absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving behind any residue.

How To Use:

Apply 2-5 pumps of the Moisture Boost Serum AM & PM to your cleansed face, neck, and decollete, followed up with a moisturizer or your makeup.


Alana Mitchell Lip Repair Balm 0.5oz / 15ml:

For dry and chapped lips, the Alana Mitchell Lip Repair Balm is the answer! Infused with peppermint essential oil, the cooling and replenishing sensation provides immediate relief and healing. The non-sticky formula is all-natural and includes organic jojoba oil and beeswax. Your lips will be plump, moisturized, and protected.

How To Use:

Apply throughout the day for soothing hydration. The Lip Repair Balm can be used alone or before applying your favorite lipstick for maximum moisture retention.


Alana Mitchell Organic MCT Facial Oil 2oz / 60ml:

This concentrated form of coconut oil absorbs seamlessly into your face and body as a moisturizer and serves as a multi-use beauty product. Can also be used as a lip oil, eye makeup remover, cleanser or added to your favorite moisturizer or body lotion to relieve dry skin.

How To Use:

For Lip Use: 1-2 drops applied directly to the lip

For Makeup Removal or Cleansing: Apply 1-4 drops to face in circular motions, use washcloth and/or water to wipe and rinse off.

To Moisturize: Apply 1-4 drops directly to skin, or add 1-4 drops per application to your favorite moisturizer or body lotion to relieve dry skin.


Alana Mitchell Anti-Aging Peptide Eye Cream Travel Size:

Multi-peptides & anti-enzyme plant extracts diminish fine lines and guard against future signs of aging. 

How To Use:

Apply a pea sized amount to eye area after moisturizer. Use morning and night. Always perform a 24 hour test patch.


Designed to deliver instant tightening, smoothing, and toning results, the Alana Mitchell Clear Collagen Peel-Off Masque is perfect for those who want to firm up their skin for a night on the town.
How to Use:
Step 1: Push the top button to active and release liquid into the lower chamber. The liquid activator will dissolve the cotton pillow inside, creating a gel masque.
Step 2: open the lid to the lower chamber.
Step 3: Apply the entire contents of the gel masque to your face using your fingers or a brush. Apply in upward strokes.
Step 4: Leave the masque on for 15-20 minutes.
Step 5: Remove the masque by massaging warm water onto the skin.

NEW and exciting from Alana Mitchell Skincare, the 4-in-1 Cleansing Sponge was designed to deliver the benefits of a cleanser, sponge, masque, and exfoliant in one easy-to-use product.


Alana Mitchell Beauty Stone Roller - Rose Quartz:

Arriving in its own box for safe-keeping, this natural quartz roller gives a luxurious at-home spa experience, anytime! It provides a calming massage and cooling sensation that tightens pores, promotes lymphatic drainage, and stimulates circulation.

How to Use:

Step 1: Wash your face with your cleanser.

Step 2: Apply an oil, serum, moisturizer, or night cream of your choice to your face and neck that has enough slip to allow the roller to glide.

Step 3: Use upward motions to move the roller gently over your forehead, cheeks, neck, and lip area. Close your eyes and gently use the small stone to roll over the area if you have puffiness or bags.
Step 4: Use the roller on your face and neck for 5-10 minutes.
Step 5: Use the roller 3 times a week to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Step 6: Clean your roller with a damp cloth, dry off, and store.


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