302 Skincare Enzyme Gel

302 Skincare Enzyme Gel

Item#: 302skincare_enzyme_gel_bromelain
Light, enzyme-based formulas that gently reduce comedones, exfoliate squames and surface irregularities, smooth rough aged skin and stimulate new cell formation without chemical irritation.

Product Description

*302 Skincare is in the process of rebranding, because of this you may receive a product in the old or new packaging.

Product Description:

New Name - 302 Skincare Enzyme Gel

Use Enzyme Gel or Enzyme Mist instead of exfoliating acids where a light peel is desired without inflammation. Replaces benzoyl peroxide. These products also may be used where Clarity is not well tolerated. Excellent for Type 2 & 3 Acne or if congestion is a problem in Type 1 Acne. Limit use to not more than 2x per week. 


Enzymes reduce or eliminate formation of comedones and relieve congestion. Epigallocatechins of green tea provide antibacterial effect equivalent to 4% benzoyl peroxide according to published studies. 

How To Use:

Contains Enzymes. Shake well before each use. Limit use to not more than 2x per week. Best applied with a clean cleansing pad after cleansing. Leave on for not more than 10 minutes. Rinse very well, repeatedly with warm water. 


Organic green tea, kosher glycerine, polyglucose derived surfactant, cellulose polymer, bromelain enzymes, polysorbate 80, camphor and lemon verbena extract.