302 Skincare Ultra Ion Gel 4oz / 120ml

302 Skincare Ultra Ion Gel 4oz / 120ml

A high conductivity gel using chlorophyll and zinc oxide to facilitate and even out direct micro-current skin applications to help reduce uncomfortable stray charges to the skin and improve ion based active uptake.

Product Description

Product Description:

In the realm of skincare innovation, the 302 Skincare Ultra Ion Gel stands as a remarkable creation. This high-conductivity gel harnesses the power of chlorophyll and zinc oxide to revolutionize direct micro-current skin applications.

But what sets it apart? This gel acts as an exceptional conductor, ensuring that micro-currents are not only efficiently transmitted but also evenly distributed across the skin's surface. Say goodbye to uncomfortable stray charges that can disrupt the process. Instead, embrace a seamless and enhanced ion-based active uptake, leading to a skincare experience like no other. Your skin deserves nothing less than the best, and the Ultra Ion Gel delivers precisely that.


  • Immediate activity
  • Improves uptake of metabolites
  • Optimizes micro-current and galvanic delivery

Skincare Concerns:

Targeted Skin Type: Studio or at-home application while using micro-current or galvanic instruments.

Skincare Concerns: Very well tolerated gel for studio procedures using micro-current or galvanic devices.

How To Use:

The application of this product is to optimize direct current application to the skin using micro-current and galvanic current instruments.

Often times these instruments, which are grounded while in operation, deliver stray current charges from uneven skin contact by the applicator and poor grounding.

These ‘stray’ charges can range from mild discomfort to very uncomfortable zaps.

302 Skincare initiated ULTRA ION GEL formula design with a goal to smooth and even out delivery of direct current to the skin and minimize the impact of stray discharges by spreading the energy across the gel medium.

The ULTRA ION GEL has been limited to the professional market for the last five years but with the widespread use of these instruments now in home-care, we have made it available to you.

  • Apply after light of cleansing area using REVIVE (recommended).
  • Use swabs or sponges to apply and smooth in ULTRA ION GEL.
  • Smooth in any active desired.
  • Re-apply ULTRA ION GEL and leave on the surface to provide a thick medium for the micro-current or galvanic skin contact probe to travel through and over. Maintain gel medium during treatment.
  • After treatment, rinse with water and REVIVE (recommended).


Be certain grounding is very secure, at the wrist and a metal contact to the floor. Loose grounding is the most common cause of stray ‘zaps.’

  • Using higher current will increase likelihood of stray ‘zaps.’
  • Do not permit skin surface treatment area to go dry during operation of the direct current device.
  • Having an assistant to apply actives and ULTRA ION GEL during the procedure is desirable and will minimize stray ‘zaps.’

For your skin if these conditions exist:

  • Normal/dry/oily

Not for your skin if these conditions exist:

  • Dermatitis
  • Noticeable inflammation

Recommended frequency of use:

  • As needed (observe and adjust)


  • Any lotion cleansers (302 CLEANSER, SENSITIVE CLEANSER, etc.)

Additional actives while using ULTRA ION GEL:

  • Any

Additional leave-ons acceptable:

  • Any


  • Scrubs
  • Acid peels
  • Benzoyl peroxide


Organic green tea, kosher glycerine, zinc oxide, chlorophyll, cellulose polymer, guar, polyquat 81, sodium benzoate, disodium EDTA

Ingredient Call Outs: Free of parabens, formaldehyde, formaldehyde releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, sulfates (SLS & SLES), triclocarban, triclosan. Gluten and cruelty free. Acid free. Glycol free.