302 Skincare Sensitive Cleanser - Gray Label

302 Skincare Sensitive Cleanser - Gray Label

302 Skincare Sensitive Cleanser is formulated for that 10% of the very sensitive skin population that has zero tolerance for even slightly charged systems, preservative free!

Product Description

Product Description:

Prepare to indulge in the pinnacle of cleansing experiences, tailored specifically for those with exquisitely sensitive skin. Our formula boasts organic hydrosols, carefully selected for their exceptional mildness. Notably, this cleanser is proudly preservative-free, ensuring a pure and gentle treatment.

For the distinguished subset of individuals with the most delicate complexions, we present the Gray Label version. Designed to cater to the needs of the 10% of the population whose skin exhibits zero tolerance for even the slightest presence of charged systems, this preservative-free variant provides an unparalleled solution.

The efficacy of both the SENSITIVE CLEANSER white and gray label formulas has been extensively validated across countless professional treatment studios and clinics over the span of 14 remarkable years. Time and again, they have proven their ability to deliver exceptional results.

If your skin has become unstable, characterized by unpredictable blotchiness and a bewildering combination of dryness and excessive oiliness on a daily basis, it is imperative to restore it to its baseline state. Our Sensitive Cleanser is the key to achieving this coveted equilibrium.

When selecting your primary cleanser, we recommend adopting a rotation strategy, involving the use of two or even three different options. By incorporating this approach into your skincare routine, you will witness a notable improvement in your complexion and the overall resilience of your skin.

For an invigorating variation to complement the Sensitive Cleanser, consider integrating our esteemed REVIVE cleanser into your regimen. This exceptional product serves as an excellent alternative, offering an additional dimension to your skincare experience.

Unleash the transformative potential of the 302 Skincare Sensitive Cleanser and embark on a journey towards a newfound radiance. Pamper your delicate skin with the gentlest touch and revel in the rejuvenating effects it bestows upon you.


  • Immediate visible skin treatment
  • Effective cleansing
  • Stabilizing action
  • Works for any skin type
  • Preservative free

Skincare Concerns:

Sensitivity to cleansers can occur easily with highly charged acid laced formulas that bulk foam and strip the skin of its own beneficial guardians.

How To Use:

This works very well for sensitive skin, on the dry side, and sometimes unstable. Skin that does not hold moisture well, flares up now and then, may be oily or combination and has become inelastic, missing turgor and resilience will find a better life with SENSITIVE CLEANSER.

Very effective in makeup removal; along hairline and jawline are focus spots. Okay around eyes.

Your best outcome will be to alternate this with REVIVE, which has been specifically made for unstable skin.

  • Shake container well.
  • Wet hands and apply cleanser like a lotion. Smooth in.
  • Your skin will feel sticky. That’s good.
  • Wet hands and apply cleanser again, a smaller amount. This helps to lift ‘the unwanted’ from your skin.
  • Add warm water to work up a creamy all over lotion feel.
  • Add more warm water to remove and rinse well.
  • Done. No squeaky, dry, taut feel; just soft, mild, natural response.

For your skin if these conditions exist:

  • Sensitive

Not for your skin if these conditions exist:

  • Dermatitis

Recommended frequency of use:

  • As needed but prefer three to four times (3x-4x) per week max, alternate with REVIVE.

Actives while using SENSITIVE CLEANSER:

  • ANY – but allow thirty (30) minutes before applying any leave-on to your skin – with the exception of REVIVE.

Leave-ons acceptable:

  • ANY – but allow thirty (30) minutes before applying any leave-on to your skin – with the exception of REVIVE.


  • Scrubs
  • Acid peels
  • Benzoyl peroxide


Ingredients: Gray Label

Organic green tea, organic hydrosols of arnica and cucumber, amphoteric 2, kosher glycerine, zinc oxide, ammonium laurylglucosides, cellulose polymer, polyquat 81, lemon verbena

Ingredient Call Outs

Free of parabens, formaldehyde, formaldehyde releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, sulfates (SLS & SLES), triclocarban, triclosan. Gluten and cruelty free. Acid free. Glycol free.