302 Skincare Self Tanner Gel 4oz / 118ml

302 Skincare Self Tanner Gel 4oz / 118ml

The key to a self-tanning formula, to avoid the orange look, is that it must be fresh! 302 Skincare guarantees fresh product so you won’t go neon orange. (Self tanner products in the bottle lose their potency after six months!)

Product Description

Product Description:

Achieving a natural-looking tan without the dreaded orange hue hinges on the freshness of the self-tanning formula. 302 Skincare assures you of the freshness of their product to ensure you steer clear of any neon orange mishaps!

It's essential to note that self-tanner products lose their potency after six months, emphasizing the importance of using fresh formulations for optimal results.


  • Tan, not orange
  • Well tolerated formula
  • Excellent for any skin type

Skincare Concerns:

Targeted Skin Type: Any

Skincare Concerns: Application of a self-tanner requires dry, clean skin. Work smoothly and evenly to apply. Wash hands immediately.

Avoid constant contact with fabric for four (4) hours after application.

The natural skin cell turnover will flake off the self-tanner areas, usually not longer than a week.

Obviously, do not use exfoliating products (chemical peels) unless you are disappointed with the result.

The tanning ingredient is dihydroxyacetone which is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that will brown (oxidize) non-functional skin proteins at the surface and is not absorbed into the body.

How To Use:

  • The key is to use fresh and well formulated product. Older products, usually on the retail shelf for a year and often poorly formulated ones that use co-ingredients that rapidly break down the active one, will turn your skin orange.
  • 302 SELF TANNER GEL is always very fresh and the formula design is proven in over ten years in the professional market.
  • The active ingredient is a carbohydrate that browns the skin and is much the same reaction that occurs when browning meat in a skillet. SELF TANNER GEL browns the non-functional cells in the upper layers of your skin. Your skin may in fact feel warm during the process that lasts several hours to completion.
  • The darker look lasts only until new cells emerge. About a week or maybe ten days at most. It is just like a sun induced tan, only without the damaging UV rays.
  • Self-tan has only a very minimal effect against UV rays, so it is not a protection against them, by the way.
  • You could re-apply the product every week for continuous color.
  • Applying this to your skin can seem involved but it amounts to understanding what you are working with to make practical sense of these instructions.


Organic green tea, organic hydrosol of calendula, dihydroxyacetone, kosher glycerine, polyquat 81, cellulose polymer, polysorbate 80, zinc oxide, citric acid, sodium benzoate, coconut extract

Ingredient Call Outs: Free of parabens, formaldehyde, formaldehyde releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, sulfates (SLS & SLES), triclocarban, triclosan. Gluten and cruelty free. Acid free. Glycol free.