302 Skincare Remedy Rx

302 Skincare Remedy Rx

Item#: 302_skincare_remedy_rx_4oz

Formerly Ointment Rx, 302 Remedy Rx soothes damaged skin, protects it from further damage, and promotes the healing process for faster recovery.

Product Description

Product Descriptions

Formerly known as 302 Ointment Rx, 302 Remedy soothes the skin and improves its condition on contact.  While reducing inflammation and calming irritation, 302 Remedy uses all-natural, organic ingredients to heal and regenerate the skin for faster, less complicated recovery.  

The most versatile product int he 302 line, 302 Remedy ointment works in raw, wounded, and irritated skin as well as chronically sensitive skin to provide moisture and protection.  Perfect for open wounds, burns, rashes, and other skin ailments, 302 Remedy protect the skin from environmental damage while showering it with healing elements.

Use it after waxing for immediate relief with less irritation.  Add it to rashy skin to soothe and reduce itching.  It’s even gentle enough for the sensitive skin around the eyes.  

Next time you get a scab, rash, or skin problem, try 302 Remedy for faster, easier recovery.  

Recommended Skin Types

302 Remedy is formulated for inflammation, irritation, damaged skin, and wounds.


  • Soothes and cools on contact for a pleasant feel
  • Clear formula has low to no visibility
  • Reduces inflammation and symptoms of irritation
  • Enhances the skin’s natural healing process
  • Protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun
  • Light emulsion formula goes on smooth for immediate pain relief and protection
  • Versatile product increases the skin’s healing capabilities
  • Showers the skin with nourishing, rejuvenating moisture
  • Combine with Calming Mist or Calming Mist Rx for enhanced penetration
  • Diminishes the size and severity of scars
  • Safe around the delicate skin of the eyes
  • Essential oil free and fragrance free

How to Apply

Apply 302 Remedy to directly to the cleansed surface of open wounds to protect them from infection and environmental elements.  Allow to remain on the surface of a wound without rubbing it in completely.

  • Formulated for topical use only
  • Test on the skin prior to complete application
  • If the product causes irritation, discontinue use immediately


Concentrated ECGC in green tea, zinc oxide, kosher glycerine, organic jojoba oil, NF emulsifier, mineral colloid, organic beeswax, prepolymer 2,  methylisothiazolinone