302 Skincare Moisturizing Drops - Gray Label

302 Skincare Moisturizing Drops - Gray Label

A light blend of non-comedogenic oils and herbal extracts to moisturize and provide superior, undetectable barrier protection.

Product Description

Product Description:

A delicate fusion of non-comedogenic oils and botanical extracts, meticulously curated to imbue your skin with moisture while delivering an impeccable, imperceptible shield of protection. (Comparable to 302's former "MOISTURIZING DROPS Rx.")

This exquisite elixir boasts an intricate blend with a rejuvenating, all-natural aroma. The application is as distinctive as the formulation itself: dispense a modest quantity onto skin moistened with CALMING MIST or pristine, distilled water. Gently distribute the elixir across your skin, leaving behind a refined, moisturized sensation devoid of any unwelcome greasiness.

For those seeking enhanced moisture barrier fortification, consider harmonizing MOISTURIZING DROPS, CALMING MIST, and a mere smidgen of REMEDY. This amalgamation proves exceptional, particularly during the rigors of harsh winter climates or sweltering, arid environments where a light, skin-friendly solution is of paramount desirability.

Recommended Skin Types:

Dry, easily congested skin.


  • Lightly emollient, tack free after feel
  • Barrier protection with minimal ingredients
  • Preservative free
  • Smooths, adds resilience and improves turgor

Skincare Concerns:

Dry, easily congested skin. 

How to Apply:

Unique application: dispense a small amount to skin wetted with CALMING MIST or pure or distilled water. Spread evenly for an elegant, moisturized after feel, never greasy.

For even more moisture barrier protection, combine MOISTURIZING DROPS, CALMING MIST and a smidgen of REMEDY. This is an outstanding combination for harsh winter days, or hot, dry environments where something light on the skin is desirable.


Ingredients: Gray Label: Organic jojoba oil, medium chain triglycerides, avocado oil extract

Ingredient Call Outs: Free of parabens, formaldehyde, formaldehyde releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, sulfates (SLS & SLES), triclocarban, triclosan. Gluten and cruelty free. Acid free. Glycol free.