302 Skincare Mineral Cleansing Aid

302 Skincare Mineral Cleansing Aid

Mix with any cleanser for deep cleaning of blackheads. Apply and allow the minerals to go to work for a minute or two. This is a dry formula of minerals that you would shake out and mix in your hand with a cleanser lather such as FACE & BODY BAR.

Product Description

Product Description:

Designed to enhance the cleansing process, this innovative formula combines minerals to target stubborn blackheads effectively. Simply mix it with your favorite cleanser for a deep and thorough cleansing experience.

Formulated as a dry mixture of minerals, you'll shake out the desired amount and blend it with your chosen cleanser, such as our FACE & BODY BAR, creating a rich lather.

Allow the minerals to work their magic for a minute or two before rinsing thoroughly. This aids in achieving an extra deep cleanse without compromising the skin's natural balance.

For optimal results, we recommend following up with 302 Skincare's REVIVE product. synergistic benefits can be achieved by incorporating both products into your skincare routine.


  • Minerals help relieve skin congestion
  • Soft, clean after feel
  • Acid free
  • Preservative free

Skincare Concerns:

Targeted Skin Type: Easily congested skin

Skincare Concerns: Skin that easily forms blackheads or clogs with milia can become real problem when exfoliation attempts fail. The skin often ends up with a whole new set of problems.

Using MINERAL CLEANSING AID avoids the troublesome aspect of peels and gets to the root of the problem.

Visit our REFERENCE TOPICS to gain an understanding of skincare applications and errors that may be giving you difficulties.

How To Use:

These minerals help with deep down blackheads and milia removal.

  • Choose a lotion cleanser, like RECOVERY CLEANSER or even REVIVE.
  • Dispense to wetted hands and sprinkle in MINERAL CLEANSING AID.
  • Now smooth into skin. Add more water. Allow to penetrate a minute or two.
  • Add more cleanser and more water, now rinse and rinse. No squeaky, dry, taut feel; just soft, mild, natural response.

For your skin if these conditions exist:

  • All but dermatitis

Not for your skin if these conditions exist:

  • Dermatitis

Recommended frequency of use:

  • As needed

Actives while using MINERAL CLEANSING AID:

  • Any

Other leave-ons acceptable:

  • Any


  • Scrubs
  • Acid peels
  • Benzoyl peroxide


Zinc oxide, organic green tea, magnesium silicates, sodium bicarbonate, USP charcoal

Ingredient Call Outs: Free of parabens, formaldehyde, formaldehyde releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, sulfates (SLS & SLES), triclocarban, triclosan. Gluten and cruelty free. Acid free. Glycol free.