302 Skincare Hand Treatment

302 Skincare Hand Treatment


Formulated to reduce the blotchy, wrinkled, “old hand” look.

Product Description

Product Description:

Much of the problem with aged skin occurs from the depletion of lipids and subcutaneous (below the skin) fat and nowhere is this more noticeable than on the hands. Lipid or fat depletion in this area is independent of body weight - an overweight person can have very aged looking hands.

The aging look of the hands, incidentally, is a very good indicator of the future of the face. If the hands are very wrinkled, however, it may mean only that the client has been exposed to a harsh environment, but no matter the cause, you will be looking at a problem that is in large part below the skin. 

This ultimate fate of the face, the loss of subcutaneous fat, and the gaunt look of very old age, reflects also the loss of necessary lipids around the internal organs of the body as we age. 

To recover the look of aged hands that have been depleted of natural fats and lipids, intensive treatment of the skin is necessary. The skin, even when composed largely non- functional or senescent cells can still be revived through products and treatments, within natural limits, and this will go a long way toward correcting an unwanted look. 

Key Benefits:

• Multiple lipid based metabolites to ensure penetration and response

• Stimulating and correcting when combined with AvogenTM Avocado Dietary Supplement • Immediate smoothing and plumping effects

• pH 5.0

How To Use:

Would be applied at the end of the treatment after ultrasound is used to purge senescent cells and to push A-Boost and 302 Drops and C-Boost (or Rx versions) into the area. 

Once a week


Organic green tea, kosher glycerine, organic shea butter, cocoa butter, methyl glucose ester, polyglucose derived surfactant, glucose sesquistearate, mixed silicones, cellulose polymer, C12-15 alkyl esters, camphor, lemon and lemon verbena extracts, avocatin 302/AvogenTM retinyl palmitate, ascorbyl palmitate, niacinamide, lactate.