302 Skincare Recovery Day/Night Rx

302 Skincare Recovery Day/Night Rx


302 Skincare Recovery Day/Night RX is a luxurious, rich, restorative cream that addresses dryness and protects "at risk" skin.

Product Description

Product Description

Responsibly formulated and ethically tested, Recovery is an intensive renewal treatment that revives skin, infusing it with powerful moisturizers, antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients needed for cell growth and health.

Deep penetrating 302 Skincare Recovery Day/Night RX delivers moisture, skin protecting compounds and restorative molecules that begin working in cellular matrix immediately. Anti-oxidants from green tea fight environmental damage and free radicals, preventing damage and promoting healing to damaged skin. The rich moisturizers are delivered from shea and coco butter and other highly hydrating compounds that are non-greasy and won't leave a tacky residue.

Healing begins as soon 302 Skincare Recovery Day/Night RX is massaged into the skin, sending powerful healing and moisturizers deep into the skin. A noticeable difference in skin texture and density occurs, plumping skin and imparting a vibrant, youthful appearance. Skin's elasticity and ability to retain moisture is increased as collagen is encouraged, and hydrogen begins to bond inside the skin's cellular matrix.

302 Skincare Recovery Day/Night RX can be used on both the face and body to help skin heal and achieve a healthy balance. Use both day and night, or just at night once skin reaches equilibrium. Always follow your 302 Skincare Consultant's advice regarding product use.

Recommended Skin Types

302 Skincare Recovery day/Night RX is formulated for extremely sensitive skin suffering from environmental damage, dryness and aging.

Main Benefits

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • All natural
  • Absorbs deep
  • Non-greasy
  • Non-tacky or sticky
  • Powerful moisturizers
  • Rejuvenating
  • Use day or night or both
  • Intensive nutrients

How to Use

Smooth on clean, dry skin beginning with arms and working down to feet. Massage in thoroughly, using more for rough areas such as elbows. For facial use, dab on face and neck with fingertips and then gently smooth into the skin. USe under make-up during the day and as an intensive overnight treatment at bedtime.  Consult your 302 Skincare Consultant for use with other 302 products.