302 Skincare Mineral Cleansing Aid

302 Skincare Mineral Cleansing Aid

Item#: 302_mineral_cleansing_aid-2.0oz

302 Skincare Mineral Cleansing Aid offers effective removal of dead skin and other impurities.

Product Description

Product Description:

This is super effective in removal of milia, blackheads and pustular accretions and to stabilize oily skin in both home care and studio care applications. For aged skin that needs toning, this is a great supplement with our cleansers to brighten and clear skin that has the blahs and whenever exfoliation is just too much. 
How To Use:
Add to cleanser and mix together, apply and massage in well - wet skin before use for best results.  Rinse well. Apply 2x per week. After two weeks reduce to 1x per week and allow skin to develop. 
Zinc oxide, organic green tea epigallocatechins, Peruvian clay, sodium bicarbonate, USP charcoal.