Clear your skin without the scabbing and peeling. Use Glycolic Peel Treatment now available at Spa Alana!

Glycolic Peel Treatment uses natural gentle glycolic acid to moisturize and exfoliate the skin in a way that sets it apart from all other peeling treatment competitors.  This reviving acid acts as a cleansing action that stimulates collagen production, making your skin appear softer than ever before without risking the possibility of excess peeling or scabbing of the face, hands, neck, or other affected areas that my be experiencing skin irritation.  The gentle nature of these treatments allow the skin to be revived and moisturized in way that obtain healthy visual results that can be seen in a wide variety or affected areas. These treatments have also proven successful against rosacea and acne.  Overall. this treatment allows for a exfoliating replenishing of the skin without the risks that are common to many peel treatment products.  If you are looking for a way to combat your acne or rosacea without seeing the devastating side effects of peeling and scabbing, then get your Glycolic Peel Treatment now at Spa Alana.   Here at Spa Alana, we offer Glycolic Peel Treatments that vary in price according to the differing areas that they emphasize such as the face, neck, and hands.  See the list below for details.

Derived of natural sugar enzymes, designed to exfoliate the skin. Topical treatment to the skin. No scabbing or excess peeling. Glycolic Peel Treatment is the way to go. Strength of peel based on your skin needs. 75 Minutes

To learn more about the Glycolic Peel Treatment process, visit various articles on Wikipedia.

Glycolic Peel Treatments Available at Spa Alana

Here are the prices for various types of Glycolic Peel Treatment that are available now at Spa Alana.  Counter your acne or rosacea with treatments emphasizing different affected areas.

Facial Treatment: $60

Face Series of 3: $200

Face Series of 6: $400

Face & Neck Treatment: $85

Face, Neck, & Chest Treatment: $90

Hand Treatment: $10

Glycolic Peel Treatment Added to any facial

Face $25

Face & Neck $35

Face, Neck & Chest $45