Dana Point Waxing at Spa Alana

Spa Alana’s Dana Point Waxing services will keep you neatly and beautifully groomed all year long!  With the sunny weather of southern California creating gorgeous beach days even in the dead of winter, you have the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a Dana Point Waxing treatment whenever the impulse strikes!

What is waxing?

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal procedure during which a wax is applied to the skin where the unwanted hair is present, the area is covered by a cloth or paper, and the cloth or paper is removed with a quick movement in the direction opposite of hair growth.  Effective, easy, and fast, waxing will keep you silky smooth and hair-free for between two and eight weeks, giving you the confidence to put on that tank top or bikini without a care or concern.  Spa Alana provides the best in Dana Point Waxing services, offering waxing options on multiple areas all over the face and body.

Spa Alana Waxing Options

Spa Alana waxing services include: brow shaping, upper lip, lower lip, chin, sides of the face, underarm, lower and upper arm, full arm, lower and upper leg, full leg, bikini (ladies only), back, shoulder, neck, feet, and chest.  In addition, all facial waxing treatments include a high frequency treatment, which uses light to painlessly treat the skin and prevent breakouts, razor burn, reduce redness, soothe aggravated skin, increase blood circulation in the area, and boost cellular production of collagen.  It’s the perfect way to finish a facial waxing session.

For those of you who are looking to pamper yourself further, Spa Alana also offers the best of the best in Make-Up Application and Brow & Lash Tinting!  Check out our full line of services here!

Spa Alana’s Dana Point Waxing Menu

Brow Shaping $25 & up
Upper Lip $10
Lower Lip $3
Chin $12
Sides of Face $ 25

Underarm- 15 & Up
Lower Half of Arm $15 & Up
Upper Half of Arm $18 & Up
Full Arm $30 & Up
Lower Leg $35 & up
Upper Leg $45 & up
Full Leg $ 60 & up
Bikini (women only) $30 & up
Back $50-65 & Up
Shoulder $25 & Up
Neck $20& Up
Feet $25& Up
Chest $40 & Up

Make-up application $45 – $55.
Make-up application Bridal $75 & up.

Brow $15
Lash $20