Every skin care regimen needs effective sun protection.  An effective sunscreen does more than just block UVA and UVB rays; it should also use antioxidants that provide added protection to the skin’s immunity while preventing DNA damage.  The Jan Marini Antioxidant Line of products keeps this in mind, combining broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection to block the entire UV spectrum from damaging the skin with antioxidants to scavenge free radicals that cause oxidation and cell damage.
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Jan Marini Antioxidant Line


The Jan Marini Antioxidant Line uses the most advanced ingredients to protect the skin from everything the environment can throw at it.  Featuring tiny micro-sponges to absorb excess oil from the skin, each product promotes a healthy, vibrant complexion while blocking extrinsic factors that would otherwise lead to aging.


As much as 95% of your skin’s age signs are due to the sun and other environmental exposures.  Stop aging before it starts with the Jan Marini Antioxidant Line.  


The Jan Marini Antioxidant Line features two products:

  • Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF33 - Daily use sunscreen rich in antioxidants to prevent cell damage and premature aging; features a nutrient-rich formula that rejuvenates the skin while infusing valuable moisture for a vibrant, healthy complexion that if well fortified to face the daily assaults
  • Daily Body Protectant SPF34 - Water-resistant sunscreen for use all over the body that provides broad spectrum UV protection along with antioxidants to scavenge any free radicals that may reach the skin; nourishing formula provides moisture, absorbs oil, and rejuvenates the skin with natural botanicals


Protect yourself with the Jan Marini Antioxidant Line.  Each of these products is not only protective, but it’s also rejuvenating, providing the skin with the moisture and nutrients it needs to be healthy and look amazing. 


Try all of the products in the Jan Marini Antioxidant Line!  You’ll be glad you did, and your skin will thank you.


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Jan Marini Skin Care

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