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GloMinerals is committed to providing its customers with something it calls “revealing beauty.”  With award winning makeup formulas that nourish the skin, protect it from environmental damage, and promote the skin’s natural healing process, they not only create a beautiful, flawless complexion, they give you more beautiful skin even when the makeup comes off.


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GloMinerals Makeup


With remarkably gorgeous color palettes that match any skin tone and provide flawless coverage, GloMinerals uses pharmaceutical-level ingredients so you look gorgeous and feel the same.  All GloMinerals is talc-free, and each formulation works to support skin health and treat problematic skin, whether your problem is acne or rosacea.  Each product works systematically to treat our unique skin, improve concerns, and provide a healthier complexion inside and out.  


GloMinerals is more than just a manufacturer of makeup - it’s also a skin care company.  GloMinerals makes a full range of cleansers, toner, serum, lotions, moisturizers and specialty treatments that use cutting-edge, innovative science to nourish your skin so it feels healthy and looks fabulous.  


And it doesn’t stop there!  GloMinerals also makes an entire collection of hair products that yield the same type of results as its makeup and skin care products.  


GloMinerals makeup is science made beautiful!  Recommended by skin professionals, the advanced formulations use the best ingredients, highly pigmented minerals, antioxidant protection, and nourishing vitamins to create healthy, glowing skin.  At the same time, each product includes anti-inflammatory ingredients perfect for sussing on irritated skin or after more invasive treatments.  


Each non-comedogenic formula does not include chemical dyes, synthetic fragrances, and irritating fillers, making it suitable for sensitive skin types, acneic skin, and rosacea.  At the same time, GloMinerals never uses parabens or gluten-derived ingredients (with a few exceptions).  


Use the GloMinerals Systematic Skincare line to treat your skin, GloMinerals Makeup to beautify it, and GloMinerals Essential Hair Care to give your hair the same level of treatment you’re giving your skin. 


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Glo Minerals Makeup

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