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It’s not surprising that one of the leading manufactures of quality mineral makeup, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, doesn't stop there.  In addition to their amazing lip stick, foundation, blush and eye makeup, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics offers a super high quality line of makeup tools that includes brushes, mists and brush sets.   

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It doesn’t do you do any good to have the best makeup if the tools you’re using to apply it don’t match its quality.  That’s why Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics made their brushes and other tools.  Don’t sell your look short - make an investment in quality Youngblood brushes and tools to ensure you look your best.


No matter the type of brush you are looking for, Youngblood has what you need.  If you are looking for something to apply lip makeup, the two-sided Youngblood Travel Lip Brush is ideal for applying lip shine and lipstick.  If eyes are your concern, Youngblood has a wide array of brushes to ensure your makeup looks its best.  The Brow/Lash Brush is perfect to make up your eye brows and lashes.  And the Luxurious Angle Brush allows you to precisely apply eye liner.


Youngblood also offers larger brushes perfect for foundation and blush application.  The Liquid Foundation Brush is perfect to get an even, flawless complexion that evens out your pores and serves as a perfect base for further makeup application.   And the Contour Blush Brush and Luxurious Blush Brush apply apply blush with subtlety to highlight your cheek bones without giving you that “made up” look.  


If you are looking for a complete set of brushes, check out the Youngblood Professional Mini 6pc Brush Set, which includes a six brushes that work together to give you everything you need to apply any kind of makeup.  And finish the your look with Youngblood Mineral in the Mist, a spritz that creates a natural, dewy finish and sets your makeup. 



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