XO8 Cosmeceuticals

XO8 Cosmeceuticals

XO8 Skin is an esthetician produced, luxury skincare brand with innovative formulations that produce flawless, radiant skin and specialize in targeted treatments. The products created by XO8 Skincare result in an increase of collagen production, promotion of healthy hydration, reducing hyperpigmentation, and reducing expression lines. XO8 Skin has created products with all skin types in mind, and for anyone looking to achieve measurable results in their skincare routine. XO8 Skin has formulated simple, effective products that are safe for everyone to use!

XO8 Skin designed skincare based on a nutritionally dense essence that makes a noticeable improvement in an hour. These specialty products have become XO8 Skin’s go-to treatments for red carpet events, weddings, and instant pick-me-up treatments whenever they need it. XO8 Skin products consist of 3 Key Ingredients: Placenta Peptide Complex, 24K Nano Gold, and COQ10. Using these 3 ingredients, these products promise to continue to enhance the skin, even peaking between days 2-5 after use! Results are immediate and will continue to improve your skin over the next 1-2 weeks as skin cells are given time to increase elastin and collagen production.

XO8 Skin creates luxury products with powerhouse ingredients, and nutrient-rich botanicals that will nourish and protect your skin, and give you unparalleled results!

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