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About Wavertree & London:


Wavertree and London is a premium packed line of Luxury soaps. They are created and produced by the largest Australian artisan soap maker and distributed throughout the United States by the Australian Natural Soap company. The quality of their products are a testament to the care that they put into their formulation and to their soap-making process. Every ingredient is carefully chosen and calculated, and the creation and the incredible result of these luxurious soaps are the Wavertree & London’s devotion to quality.


Wavertree & London Ingredients: 


Commercial soaps typically contain lot of chemicals and detergents that tend to dry out the user’s skin and cause skin reactions. (Just look at the ingredients label!) That’s why people are encouraged to apply moisturizing creams and lotions after washing with them. Wavertree & London soaps are formulated with zero parabens, petro-chemicals or sodium laurel sulphates (SLS), detergents, no added color, artificial preservatives or harsh chemicals. Australian Natural Soap company’s ingredient suppliers provide them with certification, verifying that they are getting the quality and content that meets their standards. Wavertree & London soaps are 100% plant based - sustainable palm oil, palm kernel oil, and vegetable glycerin. These products contain no tallow (animal fats) or detergents, only pure quality plant oils. The addition of certified organic shea butter means your soap will be unbelievably moisturizing, creamy, mild, and non-drying.

Fragrances that are used in the manufacturing of Wavertree & London soaps are made from a blend of essential oils, natural fragrances and man-made fragrances which are all certified by IFRA. This ensures that the ingredients are 100% safe for application and are only made from pure natural ingredients. In Australia, IFRA is the regulator for the fragrance industry and all manufacturers are required to test every ingredient. Wavertree & London’s experience in selling soaps is that essential oils can cause a lot more negative reactions (rashes, etc) when used in the formulation of soap- fragrances last MUCH longer, and you cannot get many of the wonderful “smells” that they use, unless a fragrance is used. The fragrances used in Wavertree & London products contain no glycol or phthalates! Wavertree & London products are also never tested on animals.

How Long Will An Wavertree & London Soap Bar Last?


Each soap bar is produced by specialty Italian soap milling machines- comparable to what is used to produce fine swiss chocolate. The milling process creates a blend of carefully chosen natural ingredients which are then pressed into a soap bar. The french triple-milling process creates a soap bar that is superior to competitors. The result of this process is a dense and long lasting soap with creamy lather and a fragrance that lasts until the final sliver is gone.

These soap bars are an excellent for many reasons, but also because they do not dissolve when in the water. As many customers know, the natural soaps sold by most companies dissolve quickly and you have to keep them out of sitting water. Bars from other vendors are typically “poured” (not French milled) and dissolve quickly. Wavertree and London bars are dense and do not have air pockets in the soap which allow the water to "melt" the soap bars. Australian Natural Soap company uses specialized equipment, quality ingredients, years or experience and knowledge to produce luxurious French Milled natural soaps that you will fall in love with! 

Each bar is wrapped in Italian made embossed paper for that quality look and feel, and the fragrances are amazing. The gorgeous packaging makes these soaps into wonderful gifts as well. Wavertree and London also produces beautiful liquid soaps, candles, and diffusers. There is no better range of fragrances than their own. With so many options, you’ll want to try all of this company’s scent varieties. There’s a soap bar for every season! Check out these wonderful products and see for yourself- all of the gorgeous Wavertree and London luxury soaps that Alana Mitchell has to offer. Go ahead, pamper yourself - the lather, the fragrance and the feel are a wonderful experience that brings the feeling of a luxury spa into you or a loved ones home!

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