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Bubble baths aren’t just for kids anymore!  Indulge in Tokyo Milk Bubble Baths.  Take a load off, close your eyes, and relax.  Soak in the luxurious chattering bubbles.  Breathe in the delicious aroma, and allow the zesty tingle to calm your skin and your senses.   Tokyo Milk Bubble Baths take your bath time from boring to a zen-like spa experience.

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Tokyo Milk Bubble Baths take you through the looking glass to experience a delightful surprise.  Each bath features a nourishing blend of active ingredients that not only provide a relaxing experience, but also soothe and nourish the skin for a fresh, vibrant complexion.  Each  Tokyo Milk Bubble Bath formula includes:


  • Japanese Green Tea - soothing and cooling to the skin on contact; improves the skin’s natural resilience; provides antioxidant protection from free radicals and environmental damage; smoothes the skin for anti-aging benefits
  • Avocado - showers the skin with rich moisture; fortifies the skin’s natural barriers to lock moisture in
  • Olive Oil - lubricates the skin and infuses the skin with rich moisture; refines the surface of the skin for a silt-smooth texture
  • Vitamin E - antioxidant vitamin that protects the skin from free radical and environmental damage; showers the skin with rich, lasting moisture for a supply, smooth texture


Each Tokyo Milk Bubble Baths features a uniquely designed glass bottle with a design worthy of displaying in an art studio.  The 33.8oz supply is plenty to provide a number of bubble baths.


 Tokyo Milk Bubble Baths create beautiful balance, working on the skin from the inside out to moisturize, condition, and nourish the skin, creating a radiant, smooth complexion that feels and looks gorgeous after you step out of the bath.  


Try Tokyo Milk Bubble Baths today for a rejuvenating treatment that will stimulate your senses and provide a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.


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