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Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Lip Balms nourish the lips with a sweet blend of botanical ingredients.  Coat the hydrating formula over the surface of your lips for a sweet flavor, illustrious shine, and decadent feel.  The sweetest lips await!  Each Tokyo Milk Balm features a delectable blend of flavors and aromas as unique as you are.

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Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Lip Balm features gorgeous unique packaging as ready for display as it is to hold the amazing lip treatment.  Bold artwork grabs the eyes.  But the beauty isn’t just on the surface.  The really virtue of these lip treatments lies in their ability to nourish and hydrate the lips.  


Including a nourishing blend of active ingredients, each Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Lip Balm works from the inside out to provide healthy, fresh, full lips with a moist look and shiny finish.  Each formula uses it’s own blend of aromatic additives along with:


  • Sunflower seed oil - showers the skin with rich moisture and a potent dose of vitamin E for lasting hydration; smoothes and firms the skin by increasing cellular production of collagen and elastin; kills bacteria; anti-inflammatory; improves the skin’s resilience
  • Beeswax - coats the skin in rich moisture while creating a barrier to lock it in for lasting benefits; protects the skin from environmental factors that lead to damage and aging
  • Vitamin E - antioxidant that protects the skin from environmental damage while infusing the skin with rich, rejuvenating moisture
  • Aloe vera - healing and soothing botanical that cools the skin on contact; provides the skin with essential moisture; boosts the skin’s natural healing process to aid in recover and improve damage
  • Shea butter - moisturizer rich in fatty acids to fortify the skin’s natural barriers to lock moisture and nutrients in while keeping contaminants out


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