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About T3 hair styling tools

Founded in 2004, T3 hair styling tools design hair tools with technology that protects the hair cuticle health and radiance the hair shaft. It maximizes your time, is lightweight, perfect for everyday use, and provides beautiful results. T3 offers a range of beauty styling products!

Flat irons, Curling Irons, Hot Rollers

A self-monitoring microchip is embedded within the curling irons, flat irons, and hot rollers. The microchip continuously gauges the temperature throughout the styling tool. This microchip technology provides even heat distribution, preventing unnecessary damage to your hair during styling.

The barrel of the curling iron and hot rollers and the plates of the flat iron are made of a patented ceramic material. When styling your hair with T3 tools, your hair cuticle is sealed to save your hair from over-drying and adds shine to your style.

These products can be used on thin, fine, or damaged, or chemically treated hair due to the array of heat settings. Whether you want curls or straight hair, you'll see perfect results any time of the day while you save time styling your hair.

Shower Heads

The T3 Source Shower head has a copper, calcium sulfide, and zinc mineral-filtration system with 7 premium spray settings that reduce chlorine while removing odors, dirt, hydrogen sulfide, and iron oxide.

With a shower head that reduces harmful particles, you'll notice less frizz and better feeling hair, healthier scalp, and skin.

Hair Dryers

T3 hairdryers, crafted with 3 heat and 2-speed settings and a lock-in cool setting, are powered by patented T3 IonAir Tech. This groundbreaking tech produces negative ions to smooth your hair shaft and cuticle while cutting down on hair drying time, allowing you to achieve a lasting style.

Customer Reviews

"[BEST SHOWER HEAD] Absolutely love this [new] shower head! I was hesitant to purchase due to the price, but wish I would have purchased a long time ago." - Tauntaunsquats 2018

"Good rollers. I love the clips. Highly recommend. The rollers heat quickly and maintain their heat long enough to add body and curl." - J T Mathis 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase T3 Styling Tools?

You can search our site and buy T3 Styling Tools at Skincarebyalana.com. We only sell 100% authentic products. We are a proud and authorized retailer of T3 Styling Tools and offer only the best products to our customers!

Can I use my T3 tools internationally?

T3 products are designed for use in the United States and Canada. With the proper adapter, certain products may also be used outside of the U.S. and Canada. If "Auto World Voltage" is listed as a feature in the specific item details, then this product can be safely used internationally. Please review the product detail page for your specific item.

What are the best sellers?


Powered by T3 IonFlow technology, this powerful Airebrush DUO blow dry brush is crafted with a negative ion generator. This generator pumps out 10 million negative ions per second. The results; luscious, shiny, and free of frizz hair.

T3 Micro CURL ID 1.25" Smart Curling Iron

A curling iron engineered with a smart-touch interface and patented HeatID technology. Once you input your hair texture, color, and chemical treatments, T3 Micro Curl ID intelligently adjusts heat to your unique profile for lasting smooth, bouncy curls.

T3 Micro LUCEA ID 1" Smart Straightening & Styling Iron

T3 Lucea ID is equipped with a smart-touch interface and HeatID technology. Once you input your hair texture, color, and chemical treatments, T3 Micro Lucea ID intelligently adjusts heat to your unique profile for beautifully smooth, soft, straightened locks.

Who owns T3 Micro Styling Tools?

Paul Pofcher is the CEO of T3 Micro Styling Tools.

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