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Surface was founded on the idea of respecting personal health and the earth, and offers a culture of education, customer service, and technical expertise. Surface incorporates a natural base of hair care products, along with high-end performance for their customers. Established in 2008, Surface is headquartered in Saskatchewan, Canada and inspired by salon owner and hair stylist Wayne Grund, an international hairstylist based in Canada along with an Art Council team comprised of leading North American salon owners. Wayne Grund is a third generation hair stylist and salon owner who has devoted over thirty years to the beauty industry. He continually presents at the world's premier beauty shows; audiences throughout Europe, South Africa, Australia, Japan, the US and Canada have applauded his presentations. In 1992 he was awarded Educator of the Year. Wayne's work appears in all trade magazines as well as Cosmo and Vogue, and he has appeared on NBC, ABC, CNN, CTV, and BBC television networks. His salon, Visions, is located in Saskatoon, Canada, and was named in Canada's top ten salons by Chatelaine Magazine.

Giving Back to the Environment

Surface is committed to giving back to the environment, and provides all-natural, organic ingredients for their products along with environmentally friendly packaging. The surface culture is committed to growth while encouraging personal healthy, respecting the earth, and helping others. The name Surface came from a passion to develop superior, all natural products that respect the surface of our earth and to create a strong surface of success from which salons and their guests could grow. The Surface tree logo represents a strong foundation of life from which there will be never-ending growth

The Skincare by Alana Difference

At Skin Care by Alana in Orange County, CA, we have years of experience selling large quantities of skincare products throughout the United States and as one of the biggest brand distributors, we are proud to offer the full line of Surface makeup. Order online anytime or call us! We are open 7 days a week for any tips or ordering assistance that you may need. We have a live esthetician standing by waiting to help you and your skin. This is our passion and our profession, so please don't hesitate to give us a call!

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