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Most of us love routines because these routines keep us within our comfort zone. And, change is difficult, as we have to go out of our comfort zone and embrace a new habit or product. However, when it comes to skin care, you should be more than willing to leave routines and focus on innovative skin care tools and products. This is the best way to improve your complexion and get beautiful, alluring skin.
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LED Red Light Therapy


There is clinical trial research from NASA that clearly show light therapy can boost cellular growth and hasten healing of the skin. NASA used this technology to create a device for astronauts to heal cuts and alleviate pain during their stay in space. This device stimulates the flow of blood to the skin and enhances circulation.


LED Blue Light Therapy


This is another innovative skin care beauty procedure that destroys acne-causing bacteria. These bacteria are called P. acnes and produce molecules known as porphyrins. When these molecules are exposed to blue light, they produce free radicals that act on the bacteria, thereby destroying them. Without the presence of P. acnes on the skin to cause inflammation, acne pustules heal and clear up. This is the reason this therapy is ubiquitously used to treat.



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