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Lycogel Breathable Camouflage: Paraben Free with SPF 30

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Lycogel Breathable Concealer

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Transform your skin with Lycogel cosmetics for cover-and-recover makeup that adds therapeutic benefits to beautiful coverage. We offer free U.S. shipping on orders $25 or more.

We don't require minimum orders, either.

Choose from 10 shades for Lycogel's Breathable Camouflage with SPF30. Mix and apply in layers to create a custom look. It's water resistant for up to 90 minutes of swimming. Plus, your face will be protected with non-paraben SPF 30.


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Lycogel Makeup

All Lycogel cosmetics for post-surgery, rosacea and other skin conditions contain the company's trademarked Lyco-Complex, which contains ingredients designed to work synergistically to improve skin. The triple silica base gel creates a lighter feeling makeup.

Try the foundation with Lycogel's Triple Pigmented Breathable Concealer. Choose from four concealer shades. Our Lycogel Breathable Camouflage Sample Set is a favorite way to sample colors. It includes three samples in shades of your choice of our loose foundation.

Lycogel's foundations and concealers are favorites of those who suffer from rosacea. In addition to excellent coverage, this is a makeup that also works to reduce redness and swelling, especially on the face. The ingredients in the foundation and concealer help prevent rosacea flare-ups. The botanical stem-cell technology and peptides also fight wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Lycogel is the leading choice of plastic surgeons, dermatologists and Hollywood makeup artists. Following cosmetic surgery, this is the makeup that will make you feel confident during your recovery. You can apply these special foundations and concealers directly to your skin following cosmetic procedures.

They are hypoallergenic and contain no petroleum-based ingredients. The reason these lightweight Lycogel makeups are called breathable is because they are designed to increase the oxygen intake of the skin, which promotes repair. If you have questions, call our staff estheticians for expert guidance. Enjoy a free skin care product sample with every purchase.

Lycogel Breathable Camouflage


Lycogel Makeup products provide much more than beauty; they also provide therapeutic benefits. Lycogel Makeup products are the ideal solutions for people with skin issues. These products have been developed to highly enhance the appearance thereby giving more confidence to a person. The Lycogel Concealer products are made using the latest and most advanced equipments and technicians. These are very different from the petroleum based products which only helped the skin to stay hydrated and did not offer any therapeutic benefits. Lycogel USA came up with gel based products that could be applied on the skin directly post cosmetic procedures. Lycogel’s Breathable Camouflage and Breathable Concealer offered various anti-aging benefits to people even with sensitive skin. The demand of this unique formula soon grew worldwide as it aided in improving the skin. Lycogel Breathable Camouflage is offered in ten various colors and the Lycogel Breathable Concealer is offered in four colors. The Lycogel Camouflage Foundationproducts are hypoallergenic and can be used on sensitive skins for healing.


Lycogel Foundation



Improve the condition of your skin with Lycogel’s Lyco-Complex. This provides increases the oxygen intake of the skin thus promoting repair. It leaves you with a radiant and healthy skin. Lycogel’s Triple Silica Gel is unique and revolutionary offering many benefits to the skin. Lycogel products aid in reducing the skin problems and covers up most flaws. It lightens the areas required and gives an even complexion. People with sensitive skin and skin conditions can also use Lycogel camouflage makeupproducts comfortably. The unique formula containing Triple Silica Gel and Lyco Complex helps in improving the skin condition without causing any irritability.


Lycogel Camouflage



Other cosmetic products remain on the skin blocking the pores and do not provide any visible results. Lycogel products increase the intake of oxygen by the skin which promotes repair and health of the skin. More oxygen to the skin results in enhancing the natural production of elastin and collagen thereby improving the condition of skin. Lycogel gives you a long lasting coverage which looks natural and gives you a flawless look. Erase your imperfections with Breathable Concealer which is available in four shades to choose from. This is the perfect formula to be used on areas which need more coverage and the area under the eye. Get the perfect coverage without looking made up by using Lycogel products. Make your skin look healthy naturally as it will be healthy from the inside. We recommend Lycogel to improve your skin, look perfect and for immediate powerful results. Lycogel samples are available in sample sets, so that you can try lycogel sample sets before you purchase the actual foundation, so you know your color is Click Here to see Lycogel Samples


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