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Stylish, decadent, functional, and beautifying, Lollia Soaps feature the finest French, triple-milled formula to purify the skin along with a nourishing dose of shea butter to moisturize and condition the complexion for improved health and beauty.  Work the soap into a rich lather, and let it penetrate your skin while the aroma penetrates your senses.  After rinsing it away, you’ll feel refreshed, invigorated, ultra-clean, and beautiful.

Each Lollia soap is uniquely fragranced with one of Lollia’s signature scents.  In addition, each soap is beautifully packaged in its own distinct box or wrapper, making it a gorgeous accessory to any room.  You’ll have a hard time taking it out of the case, but when you do, you’re skin will thank you for it.

Lollia fine soaps feature:

  • French triple-milled soap - ultra-pure, high-quality soap that is made based on an 18th century manufacturing process that creates the most compact, purest, and longest lasting soap possible; thoroughly purifies the skin while lasting longer than other, less advanced formulas
  • Shea Butter - penetrates the skin with rich moisture and nutrients for a healthier complexion with improved vibrance; conditions the skin for a smoother, softer surface that is supple and youthful; protects the skin from environmental damage that leads to agin. 

Lollia is more than your average bar of soap.  It’s a luxurious spa experience that purifies the skin down to the pores, clearing congestion to promote a clear, vibrant complexion that looks and feels beautiful.  It rinses away clean, leaving behind a smooth, clear complexion that is toned and radiant.  

The scent of each bar comes from natural botanical extracts of flowers, woods, fruits, and other things.  Each unique fragrance has layers, depth, and nuance to tickle the senses while relaxing the soul.   Try one of the Lollia soaps today - you’re skin will be glad you did.

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