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Lollia Shower Gels are more than just daily cleansers!  They are fragranced skin treatments that purify the skin while providing a delectable aroma and infusing the skin with a rejuvenating blend of moisture and nutrients.  You’ll love the rich, foamy lather as you massage it into your skin, and you’ll also love the subtle aroma that stays with you long after you towel dry as we all as the silky-soft, radiant skin the shower gels provide.

Each Lollia Shower Gel is uniquely scented with one of their signature fragrances, making it as pleasing on the nose at it is for your skin.  As you breathe in the decadent aromas, you’ll be whisked away to floral gardens, Tahitian seas, and rich forests. 

Lollia Shower Gels features rich blend of nutrients to do more than just clean your skin.

  • Shea Butter - African nut extract that penetrates the skin with moisture, fortifies the skin’s natural moisture barriers to lock it in, smoothes the skin’s surface, protects the skin, and provides a smoother complexion
  • Mango Butter - antioxidant rich to protect the skin while also brightening, toning, and purifying the skin as a natural exfoliant
  • Avocado Oil - fruit extract that provides the skin with rich, lasting moisture as well as improving the skin’s texture and resilience
  • Honey - aids the skin in the natural healing process while soothing and healing the skin; also provides antioxidant protection

With daily use of the Lollia Shower Gels, your skin will look and feel better than ever.  The indulgent formulas are both nourishing and invigorating, leaving you feeling refreshed, clean, and ready to face the day.  

Each Lollia Shower gel is elegantly packaged and boxed in vintage inspired artwork that is as pleasing on the eyes as it is nourishing for the skin.  Keep the box on display as an accent piece - it’s more like art than packaging.

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