Lollia Reed Diffusers

Breathe in the decadent aroma of Lollia Parfums!  Each unique formula features botanical extracts that work together to create fragrances with nuance, depth, and subtlety.  One will whisk you away on a tropical vacation, another will take you on a morning stroll through a dew-drenched forest, and another will remind you of the fresh, floral scents in a blooming garden.  Lollia Perfrume, by Margot Elena, is truly decadent, and with so many options, you’ll have no trouble finding a fragrance perfect for you.

Define your personal space with Lollia's signature perfume blends.

Wooden reeds draw perfume oil from the decanter to diffuse a poetic scent narrative into your surroundings. Choose from 6 amazing aromas:

  • Lollia Reed Diffuser Another Quiet Day No. 15 8oz
  • Lollia Reed Butterflies No. 21 8oz
  • Lollia Reed Diffuser I Can Still Smell The Rain No. 74 8oz
  • Lollia Reed Diffuser Running in the Grass Barefoot No. 83 8oz
  • At Last  - light, floral mix of rice flower, magnolias, and mimosa
  • Lollia Reed Diffuser Summer of 1982 No. 28 8oz
  • Lollia Reed Diffuser Stacks of Pretty Paper No. 18 8oz

Take your home fragrance to another level with a Lollia Reed Diffuser! Each is as delicate as you are and works with your natural chemistry to release a fragrance that is uniquely yours.

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