Lollia Dream

Featuring the signature Lollia Dream aroma, the Lollia Dream Collection includes a diverse array of products that will invigorate your senses while relaxing your body, mind and soul AND treating your skin.  Each product is delicately formulated to please the senses with a  botanically derived aroma while nourishing your skin for a more vibrant, youthful appearance.  Relax, enjoy Lollia by Margo Elena, and let the Dream line of products take you away.

The Lollia Dream line features a decadent aroma that includes an exotic blend of white tea and honesuckle  So let Lollia Dream take you away to a wonderful relaxed place to keep you warm with its embracing scent.  

The Lollia Dream collection includes:

  • Dream Eau De Parfum - delicate scent that works with your natural chemistry to release a fragrance that is all yours
  • Dream Bubble Bath - puts your body, mind, and soul to sleep with a  relaxing aroma as well as a nourishing blend of ingredients to treat your skin
  • Dream Shea Butter Handcreme - ultra-rich hand creme that penetrates the unique skin of the hands with moisture, protective antioxidants, and more
  • Dream Shower Gel - foaming daily cleanser with a calming scent and purifying formula that provides a clear, vibrant complexion
  • Dream Shea Butter Soap - ultra-pure, French, triple-milled soap that purifies the skin while nourishing it with rich shea butter

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