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No makeup look is complete without a touch of mascara. La Bella Donna mascara is one of the best mascaras on the market and is formulated with all-natural minerals that pack color, volume and length for livelier lashes. It comes in a pair of distinct, striking colors - black and Dark Earth - so that you can go for a more dramatic color or a more natural, light color depending on the occasion. Not only does the La Bella Donna mascara offer color, volume and length, but it also contains ingredients that condition, smooth and soften the lashes for healthier natural lashes. Shop the lineat Skincare by Alana

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About La Bella Donna Mascara

This mascara can be used by people with all types of skin, including those with sensitive skin, because it is not known to cause any allergic reactions. The mascara can be easily applied and is mainly available in compact, travel-friendly tubes. These tubes also come with mirrors, making them the ideal makeup item for women on the go. Both color options can be easily removed with regular makeup remover that's safe for the eyes. The mascara will provide your eye lashes with the ultimate in long-lasting color for minimal touch-ups. These mascaras trade harsh chemicals and glues for innovative, beneficial substances like silk that helps to enhance eyelashes.


About La Bella Donna


The La Bella Donna cosmetic line was created by a mother and daughter that both believed that cosmetics should be healthy and safe for the skin. In order to make that dream come true, they produced a line of cosmetics that is completely made up of natural ingredients. All of their products are healthy for the skin and do not contain artificial ingredients such as fragrances and alcohols. Some of the products available within the line actually serve dual purposes, one being coverage and color, the other being nourishment and protection for the skin. In short, some of the La Bella Donna products double as both skincare and cosmetic staples.


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